Founded in 2017, CIVIC is a student-directed, independent, inter-school organization committed to preserving and pursuing civil discourse on vital topics.

We meet to engage in active civil dialogue, understand democracy and freedom, and learn openly about tough issues facing our generation.

Our mission as students is to prepare for an active life as civic citizens who engage and lead our communities.

We believe that the only way to create lasting collaborative solutions is through open and free discussion.

Whenever possible, we want to find solutions and innovate to solve problems but recognize that we may not always agree and may not yet have perfect solutions.

We believe powerfully that all perspectives are important, that individuals come with real differences, that your heritage is history and context but shouldn’t limit what you can achieve or believe. 

We welcome debate and will seek topics that are difficult and multi-faceted; making a difference takes courage when questions are complex.

Forum on Civil Discourse students have a commitment to the eleven active goals set forth below and embrace four core foundations:

Build the skills to engage effectively and the resilience to be constantly challenged

Affirm that all perspectives count when you have the courage to converse

Read to become deeply informed and intellectually prepared

Establish that discourse and free exchange are vital

Speak with clarity and decorum…yet without fear

Listen with a keen mind and an open heart

Proceed always with respect and kindness

Collaborate to consider practical solutions

Commit to listen, not to agree

Prepare to make a difference

Learn, Listen, Lead.

Intellect, empathy, respect, and freedom are core foundations of the Forum.

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